COVID Cure Claims: Know the Difference Between Aid vs Cure

Fact: vitamins play an extremely important role in our immune systems. Without the proper vitamins and nutrients in our bodies, we would be less effective at fighting off deadly pathogens.

This is because vitamins strengthen our immune system, which allows our bodies to create more antibodies and reduce the severity of cold and flu-like symptoms. 

But, here’s another fact: vitamins cannot single-handedly cure pathogen-induced illnesses like the coronavirus. They simply give our bodies the strength we need to fight back. In other words, vitamin boosters do not give us immunity from COVID-19, nor are they the COVID cure. 

With that being said, you should be wary of anyone who claims vitamins can be used as a coronavirus cure. When push comes to shove, these “cures” turn out to be simple virus prevention aids and treatments rather than bullet-proof immunity supplements. 

But, here’s the good news: now that you know the difference between an aid and a cure, let’s talk about how these COVID aids can help us strengthen our immune systems and combat the coronavirus.

Without further ado, here are 3 credible COVID virus prevention aids that may reduce the severity of the coronavirus. 

1. Zinc Therapy

zinc therapy for covid prevention

Naturally found in oysters, shrimp, beans, and nuts, zinc is a type of mineral that our immune system and metabolism properly function. In fact, our bodies use zinc to produce proteins and DNA. This mineral has been historically used to reduce the severity of negative symptoms from the common cold and the flu. 

Here’s the interesting part: there is a strong correlation between zinc deficiency and patients that tested positive for SARS-COV-2. 

In a recent study that tested zinc for coronavirus aid, researchers used zinc therapy to test the clinical benefits of this crucial mineral on coronavirus patients. Although the study provided minimal casual associations between zinc and COVID survival rates, the mineral has been scientifically proven as a therapeutic aid for other viral infections. 

With that being said, zinc therapy can be used as a virus preventative measure and COVID aid. Similar to zinc, Vitamin D can also be used as a COVID aid, which leads us to our next point… 

2. Vitamin D as COVID Aid

vitamin d for covid prevention

Just like zinc, researchers confirmed that coronavirus vitamin D deficiency was common in COVID-19 patients. So, what exactly is vitamin D?

This organic molecule is fat-soluble and commonly found in dairy products and orange juice. Our bodies need vitamin D to absorb other necessary minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphate. 

But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

According to several credible scientific trials, vitamin D proved to be an effective defense against respiratory infections. In fact, vitamin D molecules are known to support the production of internal antiviral processes such as antimicrobial peptides. 

Since a direct correlation between the coronavirus and vitamin D deficiencies has been proven by science, medical professionals recommend high-risk patients to balance their vitamin D levels. This COVID aid will help reduce the longevity of airway diseases and pulmonary inflammation.  

3. Vitamin C Injections

vitamin c for covid prevention

We’ve all heard the rumors – vitamin C is the ultimate COVID aid. This vitamin But, does vitamin C really help reduce coronavirus severity and symptoms? 

A recent study suggests that vitamin C does, in fact, have antimicrobial and immunomodulatory properties. The organic molecule also has the ability to combat key components of cytokine storms, which are now associated with the coronavirus. 

Patients who want to use vitamin C as a COVID aid, vitamin C injections are an easy way to put the right amount of vitamins into your body and quickly boost your immune system. 

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