Just like our skin, our hair can begin to feel thin and worn as we age. For women, the loss of quality, quantity, volume, and texture of our hair can be caused by genetics, stress, hormonal changes, and even the act of pulling hair back too tight. 

No matter what the cause of your hair loss may be, AgeRejuvenation can restore your luscious locks. Our clinic uses a number of specialized and natural hair recovery treatments to regrow your mane to its former glory.

Speak to one of our specialists to determine what’s causing your hair loss and then we can set up a treatment that will work for you.

Run your fingers through your hair once again and boost your natural beauty.


1. Hair loss in women can happen over time as our body’s hormone levels decrease or become imbalanced with age which is, unfortunately, a part of life.

2. Thinning hair may simply be a genetic predisposition, and you can usually tell by observing your mother’s or grandmother’s hair to see if she underwent changes in hair thickness and quality similar to your own.

3. Decrease in hairs fullness can also be caused by issues such as alopecia, Lyme disease, hypothyroid, and traction thinning from pulling hair too tight.

A lot of people associate hair loss as an issue only men struggle with, but most women also see a thinning of hair as they age. Women don’t experience the typical receding hairline or circle of balding on the back of their heads that men typically do –however, that does not mean that loss of hair in both quality and texture does not also occur.

You might have noticed hair falling out in the shower, hair leftover on your pillow in the morning, or simply a lack of fullness that you are used to.

Don’t worry! Today, there are proven solutions to halt and often reverse hair loss in women that don’t involve surgeries or complicated procedures.

At AgeRejuvenation, we do not just treat hair loss, we address the cause of hair loss as well to give patients the best long-term results.

Your hair may be thinning, but do you understand why?

Step 1: Researching With a comprehensive blood panel we are able to assess hormones, thyroid, nutrient levels, cortisol and more. By understanding your specific chemistry and make up we can better understand the cause of hair loss and how to get the best results.

Step 2: Rebalancing Depending on the testing results, treatment may be recommended to solve the source of your hair loss whether it is through supplementation, lifestyle change, or bio-identical medication.

Step 3: Restoring Using Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP, we are able to bring blood flow and nutrients back to the hair. This works at every step in the hair life cycle to lengthen the amount of time your hair is on your head by improving the growing or resting phase, while decreasing the number of follicles that are in the shedding phase.

Step 4: Regenerating For maximum results, stem cells can be combined with PRP and injected into the scalp. Since the stem cells are stage 0 cells their capacity for regeneration is far greater and the results are more significant, especially for older patients or more advanced cases.

Step 5: Routine Continuing on any protocol recommended based off your labs will ensure best results and maintenance. We also offer a proprietary, compounded hair formula that is applied topically for ongoing hair restoration. Maintaining your health will also assist in maintaining your hair, so continue on a healthy lifestyle for optimal health.

Hair loss in men can be caused by a lack, or conversion, of testosterone and other hormone levels that decrease naturally over time. The good news is that we are able to evaluate and rebalance hormone levels to combat baldness and hair loss right in our clinics!

bHRT is utilized by our board-certified practitioners to address any hormonal imbalances or insufficiencies that are attributing to hair loss – giving your body what it needs to stop hair loss and sometimes reverse its effects.

As in any type of medical condition every patient will respond differently. Most results are quite significant and there is a vast improvement in the appearance, thickness, and quality of the hair. As always, some patients get better results than others, but barring significant medical issues (which will be ruled out beforehand) everyone will gain quite a visible improvement. AgeRejuvenation Hair Restoration Exosomes Stem Cell Therapy & PRP patients will notice the following within 3-4 months.


You must understand hair growth phases and the hair growth cycle in order to understand how to maintain thicker, healthier-looking hair from the inside.

Anagen (Growing Phase) The anagen, or growing, phase usually lasts 2-7 years, and the length of this phase determines the length of our hair.

Catagen (Transition Phase) This is the transitional phase that lasts about ten days. During this stage, the hair follicle decreases in size and detaches from the dermal papilla.

Telogen (Resting Phase) This is the telogen, or resting, phase, which generally lasts around 3 months. Around 10-15% of the hair on your head is in this phase at any given time. While the old hair is resting, a new hair begins the growing phase.

Exogen (Shedding Phase) Your head is made up of about 150,000 hair follicles. Around 80-90% of hair is in the anagen, or growing, phase of the hair growth cycle at any one time. Throughout the cycle, the hairs on your head are in various stages of growth and shedding.

Our practitioners will give you the proper knowledge on how to maintain a healthy head of hair!

There is literally an infinite number of proclaimed solutions for hair restoration, such as hair plugs, grafting, transplants, topical treatments, and various supplements and products on the market that claim to repair hair from the outside in. With less than 50% proven success the solution is often costly with minimum if any results. The most effective solution is to create a custom plan that works with your specific blood and body type, as seen above.

If you have seen gradual hair loss in the past few years, or you have recovered from a medical procedure that caused hair loss, then you’re a great candidate!

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I didn’t like how thin my hair was getting with age, so I sought help. After only 3 treatments, I couldn’t even recognize my hair. It was so full and shiny! I am very pleased with the results.


You’re in good hands at AgeRejuvenation.

Our medical practitioners understand that sexual health and wellness become even more important as women age. Learn how our age-defying treatments can balance your hormones and increase your sexual pleasure with our selection of female treatments.

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