10 Reasons to Enjoy Vitamin C benefits

Nature offers few healthy resources as powerful and with as many practical uses as Vitamin C. Also known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C can be found in foods like citrus fruit, tomatoes, and green vegetables.

Since our bodies are unable to produce this vital nutrient, it’s essential that we include it in our diet or supplement it often to live our best lives today, improving areas such heart health, skin quality, and immune function.

Continue reading to see 10 ways supplementing your body with Vitamin C can boost your well-being!

1. Helps Keep the Body Strong

For starters, Vitamin C has powerful cell-building properties that can do a lot of good to battle the normal wear and tear on our bodies. This vitamin aides in rebuilding cartilage, blood vessels, and muscle, helping us to maintain our best health and continued ability to perform physically.

With the regenerative properties of Vitamin C, we are better able to recover from vigorous exercise or injury.

2. Encourages Healthy Levels of Energy

Vitamin C helps to form carnitine — also known as L-Carnitine — which serves an essential role in the body’s energy production. This vital chemical assists in metabolizing fuel to produce energy by moving long-chain fatty acids into mitochondria, thus allowing these fatty acids to be used or burned throughout the body’s various functions — literally making carnitine a fat burner.

The body naturally produces some carnitine, but with help from therapies or supplementation, the body can keep steady, optimal energy levels every day.

3. Supports Healthy Brain Function

Our brain can think and send signals throughout the body by transmitting messages through a series of electrical impulses. These messages travel by means of neurotransmitters, which Vitamin C helps to create in the brain.

These chemical messages are transferred by the neurotransmitters through synapses and are distributed throughout the body, passing on commands cell-by-cell. Vitamin C ensures that the brains communication system, our nervous system, functions optimally which is integral to our overall health and preservation.

4. Decreased Duration of Common Cold

If you’ve ever seen products like Airborne and Emergen-C in stores, you’ll notice that they contain high levels of Vitamin C. Touted for its ability to decrease duration of ailments and even aiding in prevention for getting sick, this vital nutrient is a definite go-to during flu season — and rightfully so.

When high doses are taken at the first sign of sickness, Vitamin C can reduce severity of symptoms and cold duration.

5. Skin Healing

Something that doctors have noticed while inspecting wounds is that the actual site of the wound lacks healthy levels of Vitamin C. In certain laboratory tests, this vitamin has been shown to promote healing by discouraging the damage of free radicals as wounds heal, and potentially decreasing inflammatory responses. Regardless of the exact role it plays in the healing process, we now understand that Vitamin C has a crucial impact in the healing process of everyday wounds.

6. Reduces UV Damage

When we spend too much time in the sun, the damage done to our skin cells by ultraviolet (UV) rays causes the dilation of blood cells capillaries that we recognize in topical redness. Vitamin C works to lessen these effects by combatting oxidative stress.

And supplementation is helpful as levels can be depleted after extended sun exposure. Applying topical agents that include concentrated doses of Vitamin C or supplementing with Vitamin C injections can help prevent the damage done by the sun and assist our skin in repairing itself after sun damage.

7. Mediates Stress

Our bodies have a natural function that kicks into hyper gear to accomplish a complicated task: stress signals allow the adrenal glands to release cortisol, the quintessential stress hormone that increases heart rate and enhances the body’s use of fuel.

While cortisol is a natural chemical produced in our bodies and is beneficial to health in moderate levels, it can have a negative impact on our health in high concentrations, affecting anything from brain to thyroid function.

Vitamin C can help to reduce the amount of stress chemicals in our bodies and mediate the damage it has on cells, organs, and tissue.

8. Prevents Wrinkling

As you’ll notice in the media, more and more health specialists suggest that limiting sun exposure is one of the best skin care tips around.

Why? The sun causes intense damage to our skin cells and the oxidative stress brought on by free radicals from this damage can rapidly degrade the quality of our skin over time.

While this vitamin does not act like sunscreen to repel the sun’s rays, it does help to reduce the amount of oxidative stress done to cells as it is a powerful antioxidant. What’s more, it is used by the body to create collagen for firmer skin.

9. Minimizes Damage of Medications and Procedures

Certain methods of medical treatment are effective at killing off harmful cells only because they have overall extremely damaging properties. Such treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy, can have very negative effects on our bodies, damaging healthy cells in the process. Vitamin C may help to reduce the damage done by these processes to healthy cells, ensuring that treatment works more effectively for the patient.

10. Minimizes Bad Cholesterol

You might have heard of good and bad cholesterols and how they have various effects on our everyday health. Bad cholesterol, also known as low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, is a major risk factor for heart disease and other health complications.

High doses of Vitamin C taken daily have been shown to reduce the amount of LDL, protecting your heart and organs for years to come!

Vitamin C Therapy at AgeRejuvenation

At AgeRejuvenation, our medical professionals offer vitamin injections and IV infusions to optimize the body’s performance by providing nutrients in a way that’s easily used by the body.

These methods of delivery skip the traditional pill digestion, circumventing the liver and yielding a much higher absorption – thus delivering more nutritious support where it’s needed most.

Call AgeRejuvenation today at 888-865-8370 or stop into one of our convenient locations to speak a health specialist to learn about available procedures and therapies for your best health now!

4 Vitamins For Healthier, Clearer Skin

It’s tough to get a balanced diet with our chaotic schedules and our busy lifestyles. But we underestimate how much a healthy, balanced diet can contribute to our overall sense of well-being.

A diet rich in certain key vitamins can boost our immune system, help in weight-loss, and keep our skin looking young well beyond our youth. Feeling and looking young requires a lot more work than topical ointments and skin regimens. Boosting your body’s functions with vitamins can help you keep away things like acne, scars, wrinkles, and the dark spots around your eyes.

Common Causes of Skin Damage

Over time, our bodies stop producing the nutrients that keep skin fresh and youthful. Collagen production decreases, making it more difficult for skin to stay perky. A weakening immune system isn’t as likely to flush oil out of the body or repair marks from acne. There are plenty of other factors that weigh in on the condition of our skin, namely


When we stress ourselves out (work, school, kids, relationships, etc.), it takes a toll on our body. An increase in cortisol causes the skin to produce more oil and may make breakouts harder to clear away once they appear. Stress can also have an effect on your collagen levels and other factors that keep skin elastic.

Lack of Sleep

Our body needs to recharge and reenergize, and without that proper resting period it will begin slowly shutting down functions. Again, cortisol is majorly to blame here. Our bodies respond to a lack of sleep by increasing cortisol levels to keep us going.

Poor Maintenance

Despite skin cancer being an aggressive and very real threat, many people refuse to put sunscreen on to protect their skin outside. Using intense face washes and creams, not using moisturizers, tanning in the sun––these things all cause a breakdown of essential functions under the skin, which can leave behind unsightly skin damage.

Top 4 Vitamins For Healthier Skin

If you want to give your skin a boost of vitality and restoration, then you should consider investing in certain key vitamins. Below, we’ll discuss how these four vitamins combined hold the solution to all your skin troubles:

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which means that it helps protect your body from the free radicals that deteriorate our cells over time. Preventing the free radicals from doing their dirty work can mean less wrinkles and less drying out. Vitamin C can also help repair skin that’s already been damaged by the sun or from poor upkeep as well as strengthen collagen for stronger, more youthful skin.

  1. Vitamin D

You might recognize Vitamin D as the textbook nourishment from the sun. It’s true that we get this vitamin in our skin when it absorbs sunlight, the ultraviolet radiation stimulating production of Vitamin D. However, everyone’s skin reacts differently to sun exposure and can be offset by factors like age, pigmentation, season, and time of day. Too much can be a bad thing, and too little can, too. For example, besides strengthening our skin cells, Vitamin D can also play a part in bone health.

  1. Vitamin E

To counter effect the damage caused to our skin by sun exposure, Vitamin E acts like both a shield and a sponge at once to absorb radiation and prevent it from doing harm. Vitamin E acts a lot like Vitamin C, as it’s another powerful antioxidant cleansing the body of free radicals. Enough Vitamin E in your diet (or through vitamin treatments) can help prevent wrinkles and discoloration of the skin.

  1. Vitamin K

Vitamin K helps our blood clot when we’re cut, prevent us from bleeding out. It helps heal the body when it’s hurt and prevents bruising and discoloration. It may also serve a purpose in preventing stretch marks and spider veins in addition to red spots or dark spots that can appear sporadically. You can get healthy does of Vitamin K from leafy vegetables if you incorporate them into your daily diet.

Vitamin Injections

Sometimes, getting all the nutrients your body needs is too difficult or time consuming––it’s just a fact of life. Today though, at AgeRejuvenation clinics around Tampa Bay, you can conveniently get a direct infusion of essential vitamins and nutrients to your bloodstream. The nutrients are then carried throughout the body to revive and reinvigorate all your cells for healthier, cleaner skin.

Vitamin Injections for Healthy Skin at AgeRejuvenation

Vitamin injections at AgeRejuvenation are effective and refreshing, and they can be performed in a flash at any of our five clinics around Tampa Bay.

When it comes to healthy skin, there’s no competition in creams and ointments for the powerful vitamins of nature. Consult with a AgeRejuvenation health specialist today to discuss an infusion schedule that’ll have your skin looking great and feeling more bright and youthful than it has in years!

Call 888-865-8370 to learn more.

Vitamin C Injections Benefits

Here’s some info about vitamin C injection benefits.

As one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet, Vitamin C helps to destroy cancer cells and boost immune function – at the same time.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is vital for many of your body’s systems to function properly. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that provides many health benefits.

It is so powerful that it protects other antioxidants from incurring free radical damage. It is required for tissue growth, repair, adrenal gland function, and even aides in the production of anti-stress hormones.

Vitamin C Cannot be Manufactured by the Body

Vitamin C cannot be manufactured by the body, so it’s essential that it is obtained through your diet, a form of supplement or in the magical effectiveness of Vitamin C injected straight into the bloodstream.

It’s important to replenish Vitamin C to prevent negative symptoms of vitamin deficiency. Some symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency are cardiovascular disease, fatigue, frequent infections and unhealthy weight loss, just to name a few.

Vitamin C injection BenefitsVitamin C Injection Benefits

Vitamin C injection is a focus that adds the greatest long-term health benefits in disease or preventative treatment. It establishes a concentration of an essential nutrient into the body.

Human studies of Vitamin C injections reveal improved quality of life in patients, including reduced nausea, vomiting, pain and appetite loss, in addition to increased physical, mental and emotional functions. Vitamin C even plays a role in brain health, as it is necessary to make certain neurotransmitters, including serotonin.

It has also been found to play a role in preventing the common cold, cancer, osteoarthritis, age-related macular degeneration, asthma, and more.

More About Vitamin C

Dr. Linus Pauling is a two-time Nobel Prize winner that expressed through his research the efficacy of Vitamin C and its enormous benefits to the longevity of the human body. He stressed that in the proper intake of certain nutrients, such as Vitamin C, life can be extended through the increase of well-being by twenty-five or even thirty-five years.

Call AgeRejuvenation today to learn more about how to incorporate Vitamin C into your diet.

Individual results vary by patient. Ask your AgeRejuvenation practitioner about your specific health concerns.

Vitamin C — Why Vitamin C is Good For You

Vitamin C has long been considered one of our foundational antioxidants, essential to immune health and support (humans are unable to produce Vitamin C and must consume it via whole foods or supplementation). All antioxidants work in a similar way by removing damaging oxidizing agents from the human body. That is, when damaging, cancer-causing free radicals are ingested and incorporated into our bodies (through fried foods, alcohol, tobacco, pesticides, pollutants, extreme sun exposure, etc), Vitamin C is one of the nutrients that will scavenge the body to remove and neutralize these damaging particles. Current research funded by the National Institutes of Health is evaluating how Vitamin C prevents, delays, and destroys the development of certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, and other diseases caused by oxidative stress. You can see why it’s so beneficial for our health!

In addition to its powerful antioxidant properties, Vitamin C is essential for collagen production—that is, collagen production cannot occur without Vitamin C. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and gives our skin, muscles, bones, blood vessels, and tendons strength and elasticity. Collagen production naturally declines with age, and this decline manifests itself as wrinkles, sagging skin, and joint pain. We literally cannot produce collagen without Vitamin C, which is why consumption and supplementation with Vitamin C can prevent and treat UV and free radical damage to our skin and collagen, and reduce and reverse inflammatory joint pain and disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.

One other powerful effect of Vitamin C is its contribution to heart health. We know that your body’s connective tissues, including your blood vessels, are comprised of collagen. As Vitamin C strengthens the collagen in your skin and joints, reversing aging and inflammation, it also strengthens the collagen in your blood vessels. Weak blood vessels are more susceptible to damage from oxidized LDL cholesterol, cigarette smoke, heavy metals, and other pollutants, and the damage can cause inflammation and plaque formation in your arteries and veins. Vitamin C also helps your arteries dilate, or widen, reducing blood pressure and preventing heart disease. It can be as beneficial to your heart as walking in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle!

If you’d like to prevent the onset of cancer and reduce your risk, reverse the signs of aging (e.g. sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkle formation), treat and reverse heart disease, and strengthen your immune system, consumption of Vitamin C through whole foods and supplementation is highly recommended.

At AgeRejuvenation, powerful intramuscular Vitamin C injections are used in conjunction with a healthy diet to prevent and reverse the signs of aging. Ask your AgeRejuvenation practitioner for more info on this therapy.

Is Potassium a Super Nutrient?

Potassium is the third most prevalent vitamin in the body, an essential nutrient. It’s used to maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance in the body, and is integral in proper organ function.

Deficiencies in this electrolyte can attribute to dehydration, cramps, mental fatigue, increased blood pressure, weight gain, and cause cellulite accumulation.

Integrating potassium-rich foods or supplements into your dietary regimen can decrease or even alleviate a variety of conditions. Potassium can also increase weight loss, reduce bloating, and minimize appearance of cellulite.

Most Americans consume far too much sodium and not enough potassium to balance them out. These nutrients are one of those pairs that need to stay balanced in your body for ideal functionality.

The sodium causes the cells to bloat and retain water while potassium helps to flush the excess waste out of your cells. Reducing sodium and increasing potassium will allow for the release of a lot of the water retention and also improve the appearance of cellulite.

This super nutrient can be found in a variety of foods, the best sources are avocados, spinach, sweet potatoes, yogurt or kefir, white beans, acorn squash, and bananas.

The Benefits of Adding Vitamin E to Your Diet

Better Blood Flow, Better Skin, Better Eyesight are just a few of the benefits that accompany sufficient supplementation of Vitamin E in your diet.

Just as Vitamin E increases blood flow to the skin, it also increases blood flow to the scalp, leading to healthier hair growth.

This nutrient is a great antioxidant that essentially prevents and removes what would be the equivalent of rust in your body. Due to its antioxidant capabilities, it’s able to prevent cellular damage and prevent oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Oxidized LDL is a highly reactive molecule which can cause tissue damage, because it’s searching for some way to stabilize itself.

Vitamin E increases nitric oxide levels, which aide in the flexibility of the arterial walls, thus decreasing the risk of atherosclerosis and improving blood flow.

This nutrient is extremely important for optimal functioning of all three types of muscle cells in our body and contribute to red blood cell formation.

The body’s ability to efficiently use Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Iron, and Selenium are dependent on Vitamin E. This nutrient ensures cells are given nutrients they need so they can perform their necessary duties.

Lastly, Vitamin E will not only contribute to a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. Several studies have shown it’s able to protect the brain from highly destructive molecules that have been associated with Alzheimer’s.

Another study showed Vitamin E had the ability to prevent the loss of dopamine, one of the neurotransmitters shown to be reduced in individuals with Parkinson’s.

Thus, including Vitamin E through foods such as almonds, spinach, pumpkin, and avocado, or by supplementing with a good multivitamin, one obtain and maintain vitality, contributing to their overall mind and body rejuvenation.


Vitamin A and Weight Loss

Vitamin A is integral in immune function, reproduction, and vision; normal function of many organs depend on this nutrient so it is very important to achieve efficient levels for optimal wellness.

Vitamin A has a derivative known as retinoic acid that has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and boost metabolism. Increased insulin sensitivity helps the body to use glucose more efficiently thus preventing fat buildup and energy level drops. Those who implement sufficient Vitamin A intake have been shown to lower their glucose levels, insulin resistance, and body weight. These benefits have been shown to be significant and may yield usage in anti-obesity and anti-diabetic medicine.

To achieve these weight loss and health benefits women should be getting about 700 mg and men should be taking about 900 mg to reap maximum benefit from this vital nutrient.

Vitamin A can be found in animal products such as liver, fish oil, dairy and eggs and it’s pro-vitamin form beta-carotene, meaning the body converts it to vitamin A, can be found in orange foods such as squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

B-12: How is it Benefiting Me?

B-12 is a water-soluble nutrient that occurs naturally in animal products such as some fish, poultry, and lean red meats. This vitamin does not cause weight loss, but instead promotes it by aiding the body in the proper metabolizing of protein and fat.

This proper metabolizing results in increased energy levels and efficient usage of nutrient intake. This proper usage of fat and protein results in less fat storage and increased activity due to more energy which deters the weight gaining process. B12 also aids in:

  • Increasing nerve health and function
  • Improving mood through Serotonin production
  • Producing red blood cells
  • Increasing mental clarity and acuity

This nutrient can be taken via tablet, sublingual, liquid, food, or injection. The most efficient of these is the injection, as it allows for maximum absorption.

However, if you wish to optimize with food, B-12 can also be found in lean beef, lamb, turkey, eggs, mollusks, salmon, yogurt, and some breakfast cereals.

Improve health with fish oils!

We all know that fish oils are good … but why?

Throughout the years, our diets have shifted away from getting a high amount of Omega-3s. The shift has come from eating more processed foods and corn fed beef.

Now we consume a diet filled with Omega-6s instead of Omega-3. These Omega-6 rich diets have a high association with various diseases.

The Omega-6 has effects on the inflammation of the body and could cause arthritis and cancers. When it comes to weight loss, Omega-6s could also reduce the body’s capability to metabolize Omega-3s.

AgeRejuvenation has something that may help fight all of this. Omega-3 to the rescue!

The Omega-3 EPA/DHA plays a key role in fighting the side effects from too much Omega-6. Inflammation is one of the most easily noted changes that will occur.

In addition to reducing inflammation, an increase in heart health, your good HDL cholesterol, vision health, and lower blood pressure is common among the many benefits — including weight loss.

Where can Omega-3s be found? The best source of food rich in Omega-3s is from diets plentiful in canned light tuna, catfish, wild salmon, shrimp and Pollock.

When it’s sometimes hard to implement food in a person’s diet, to reach the body’s needs a supplement could help you reach healthy levels. There are many Omega-3 supplements; however, they’re not all the same.

Many of them only have about 30% of the fish oil containing the Omega-3 EPA/DHA. The rest of the fish oil is often filled with a mix of less desirable components.

We recommend Quell Fish Oils, since they’re filled with 75% of the active ingredients needed so get more for less.

There are two main types of Omega-3 fatty acids: Long-chained Omega-3 and short-chained Omega-3. The long chained are more beneficial and come from seafood and algae sources.

The short-chained are less desirable, since it takes much more to get the same effect of the long-chained sources such as fish. Short-chained sources are plant or flaxseed items.

When it comes to EPA and DHA omega-3s, both are great but DHA is better due to the increased capability for your body to convert it.

This is why our fish oils are higher in DHA. The recommended dosage for fish oils is to take 2 soft gels per day with a meal if using our Quell Fish Oils. This can vary depending on your health status or by the product itself and how much is in each soft gel.

Because of the amount of health benefits from these Omega-3s, we highly recommended them if a person is taking any currently or if one’s body is simply not getting enough from food sources!

Results may vary by individual, so consult your doctor today and see if this is right for you!

Getting Enough Antioxidants?

It has been established that antioxidants are beneficial to one’s health and well-being. Antioxidants are the guardians and nurtures of our cells that ward off free radicals in the body, the hazardous molecules that can lead to cell dysfunction and the onset of various health problems. They work by significantly slowing or preventing the oxidative process that cause cellular damage. Antioxidants are our friends; they can help slow some of the physical signs of aging by reducing wrinkles and conserving the skins natural glow. Recent studies also show that antioxidants in berries helped slow the rate in memory decline by consuming a minimum of 2 servings a week. When people think about getting more antioxidants they think of supplements. Your local vitamin shop, however, is not the only place to find these essential compounds. Antioxidants are typically found in your produce section, frozen vegetable and fruit section, and the whole grain section in your local grocery store. To insure that you are consuming adequate amounts of antioxidants, eat between 2 to 9 servings a day. Some of the top foods rich with antioxidant content are blueberries, strawberries, legumes, pinto beans and artichokes to name a few. Results may vary by individual, consult your doctor today and see if this is right for you!