4 Best Vitamins for Coronavirus Prevention: Signs of a Strong Immune System

best vitamins for covid prevention

For decades, medical professionals have made it clear that the key to fighting nasty colds and viruses is to maintain a strong immune system

Think about it: your body’s immune system is like a mini military. The enemy? Bad bacteria and deadly viruses. That’s right, the #1 goal of your immune system is to safeguard your body against toxins and foreign bodies, known as pathogens

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more crucial than ever to build and maintain a strong immune system to fight the virus. But, how can you effectively boost your immune system? 

In this article, we will show you how to quickly build a strong immune system with natural vitamins and supplements. Keep reading and you will learn: 

  • Telltale signs of a strong immune system
  • 4 best vitamins for coronavirus prevention
  • How natural Immune Support Capsules can combat COVID-19

Ready to kick the coronavirus to the curb? It’s time to strengthen your immune system! But first, what are the signs of a strong immune system? 

Telltale Signs of a Strong Immune System

Here’s the #1 sign of a strong immune system: your body can quickly detect the presence of pathogens and antigens. When these foreign substances enter your body, your immune system will send alert signals and activate a defense system to block these bad agents. So, what makes up your immune system army? 

  • White blood cells
  • Lymphatic system
  • Spleen
  • Thymus
  • Bone marrow

But, that’s not all! There are several organs of the immune system that create barriers against foreign substances and keep us safe. For instance, a strong immune system will set off the production of antibodies and T cells, which seek out and kill antigens. 

Recover Faster with a Strong Immune System 

Another way you can tell you have a strong immune system is if you recover from sickness quickly and easily. Through a healthy diet, regular exercise, and minimal stress, your body can better protect itself from foreign agents and you will recover faster. 

So, how can you build a strong immune system? Sometimes our body needs an extra boost to combat infectious agents like the coronavirus. We can give our bodies the support it needs with the right vitamins! 

What are Vitamins?

Simply put, vitamins are the natural micronutrients that our bodies need to function properly. Found in healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, vitamins and other organic molecules provide our cells with the strength and energy they need to build a healthy body. 

For instance, vitamins are used to:

  • Boost skin, hair, nail, and bone growth
  • Promote proper nerve function
  • Maintain a consistent metabolism

But, did you know? Vitamins are also the building blocks to a strong immune system! And with a  strong immune system in tow, you can prevent and fight viruses like the coronavirus with much more force. 

So, what are the most important vitamins you need to combat COVID-19?  Without further ado, here are the 4 best vitamins for coronavirus prevention

1. Zinc 

zinc for covid 19 prevention

Zinc is a special nutrient that can be found in foods like oysters, red meat, chicken, beans, and whole grains. So, what is Zinc good for? 

This essential vitamin is both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which means it plays a huge role in immune system strength. Even at suboptimal levels, Zinc can have a large impact on the lowered immune system and your body’s ability to fight infection. 

In fact, this element is known for its wound-healing power and support for your sense of taste and smell. 

Zinc is just one nutrient that can build a strong immune system. Next up, let’s talk about Vitamin C!

2. Vitamin C 

vitamin c for covid 19 prevention

When most of us think about a strong immune system, we instantly think of Vitamin C. And the rumors are true! Vitamin C boosts the immune system, aids in proper white blood cell function, and neutralizes oxidative stress. 

But, did you know? Vitamin C is also responsible for the normal growth and repair of connective tissues such as blood vessels, cartilage, skin, and bone. As you can see, this vitamin is essential for proper function and immune health.

If you love to eat fruits and vegetables, then we have great news for you: Vitamin C is heavily concentrated in these types of food! From broccoli and brussel sprouts to oranges and pineapples, you are sure to find a nice dose of this nutrient. Time to start juicing!

3. Vitamin D 

Vitamin d for covid 19 prevention

If you like Vitamin C, then you are sure to love its cousin, Vitamin D. 

Not only does Vitamin D play a crucial role in bone health, but it also directly impacts the strength of your immune system. But, that’s not all! Higher levels of vitamin D can protect the lungs from respiratory illness. Goodbye COVID-19 pneumonia!

Also known as “the sunshine vitamin,” one of the best sources of Vitamin D is the sun. However, if you are unable to get adequate amounts of sunlight, then you can eat more foods like mushrooms and fatty fish or you can take a supplement with Vitamin D. 

Last but not least, let’s talk about methylcobalamin, or B12 vitamins. 

4. Vitamin B12 

When it comes to immune support, Vitamin B12 helps two-fold. 

First, methylcobalamin can leverage immune function because of its role in white blood cell production and function. Second, B12 fosters a stable level of energy, which allows your immune system to fight infectious agents at full power.

The power of Vitamin B12 doesn’t end there! Here are some other ways B12 supports your body:

  • Reduces heart disease risk
  • Helps body process fat
  • Increases metabolism
  • Realigns melatonin production (a sleep hormone)

Vitamin B12 is found in most meat products and is less common in plants. Many people opt for vitamin injections or supplements to maintain proper B12 levels. 

Build a Strong Immune System with Immune Support Capsules

With the constant concern of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to build a strong immune system. Is there a quick way to boost your immune system? Yes, there is! 

At AgeRejuvenation, we offer Immune Support Capsules. These clear, dye-free capsule supplements contain pharmaceutical-grade vitamins that encourage the growth of a strong immune system. 

Our Immune Support Capsules contains all 4 best vitamins for coronavirus prevention:

  • Zinc 25 mg
  • Vitamin C 600 mg
  • Vitamin D 5000 IU
  • Methylcobalamin (B12) 1000 mcg

Through our Immune Support Capsules, we ensure that our patients will receive the strongest and most potent immune-boosting support! Contact our AgeRejuvenation clinic today for more information.